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About DomJax is the domain name search engine that tracks your domain name searches, so you don't have to keep searching, copying and pasting. The name DomJax is a clever combination of "Dom" taken from Domain and "Jax" taken from the term Ajax which is shorthand for Asychronous Java Script and XML. Web 2.0 techniques like Ajax and Dom-scripting were embraced to help enhance usability.

Now that you know a bit of the background, we'll fill you in on more details. In addition to streamlining the domain name search process, DomJax is also a SEO, Validation and Research Tool. You can do the following:

  • Check traffic detail with the Alexa feature
  • Review Web content, quality, accessibility and privacy issues
  • Review archived web pages since 1996 with the Wayback Machine feature
  • Determine the route packets taken to reach the URL with Tracert feature
  • Check homepage HTML validity with the HTML Validator feature
  • Use the all in one search engine ranking tool, SiteRankMonitor & PRSearch
  • Googles site, allinone and link data
  • Yahoos new site explorer
  • Seokey - showing ranking and which pages are index on the site

Currently, the search services at are free and the site is ad free. In order to keep the site free and clear of ads, the creators hope users will provide donations to keep the service running strong. was created by 3rd Eye Solutions in the UK. Please check their website for more information: 3rd Eye Solutions offers web development services, software development and multimedia design.

We are open to all business opportunities, please contact us at


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